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May You Flourish Today

Happy to have you reading. I hope you flourish in the goodness and grace of God today. I read this quote some time ago and think it’s worth sharing.

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“The creator allows us – and our children – to be the bravest explorers of all, the most creative and courageous people on the planet. We can take our cues from our heavenly Father, who can’t wait to show us a hidden waterfall or painted sky, or let us taste an exotic fruit or name a bizarre marine creature.” Mark and Jan Foreman

Don’t miss what God has for you today. You need to cast those worries on the Lord that you are carrying around in your pocket. Here’s a thought I wrote about a year ago in my journal,

“We are told to cast our cares on the Lord. Yesterday I did not do that – I was consumed by cares and trying to figure everything out. I could have flourished in the gifts and grace of the day but instead, I was consumed in the cares of myself. May I flourish and tend the garden God gave me. And those cares that I have may I cast them upon the Lord.”

Flourish Today
Sketch from 2019

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