Calm lake at sunset
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Missing The Moment

How often we miss the beauty of the moment because we are full of worry.

I do. My mind spins trying to figure out life. I get bogged down trying to figure out the direction I should go. The worry of the future comes over me like a fog and I miss the current moment. How about you?

I was feeling overwhelmed, but then I quieted myself before the Lord.

It would do you well to quiet yourself too.

Be still. Remember where your help comes from. Put your cares at the feet of the Lord.

Stop. Take a look around. Drink in the beauty and goodness of God. Look at the water droplets on the green leaves. See how they sparkle in the morning light. See the fog on still water; how quiet, how peaceful. Watch butterflies dance on the flowers. Sit and enjoy the time with those you love.

Don’t miss the miracle of the moment for the cares of tomorrow.

Put down the cares, and drink in the blessings of the moment He has given you.

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