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The Inner Garden

How’s your inner garden?

Gardens bring beauty and sustenance to those around them. A well-tended garden will bring fruits that delight the eye and nourishment to the body. On the other hand, a neglected garden will be overtaken by vines and weeds, which choke out the fruit of the garden.

Like a physical garden, we all have an inner garden. How would you describe your inner garden? Would you say it’s well-tended and one that’s filled with love, joy and peace? Or is your garden overrun with anxiety, confusion, anger, worry and frustration?

The Outflow Of Your Life

Our inner world will outflow into the physical world. What will that outflow be in your life? When we allow the negative to overtake our minds, our inner world begins to overflow into the real world by how we act toward others. We all have these moments, but as a good farmer, just as the garden can be tended to produce good fruit, we can have lives filled with love, joy and peace.

The scriptures give us much instruction about having a more peaceful and fruitful life. To start with, Jesus taught us not to worry about tomorrow. He conveyed that we have a good Father who knows our needs and promises to provide for us. Trusting the Father is the first step to a sound and peaceful mind. That does not mean those thoughts won’t pop up like weeds in a garden, but it does mean we can identify the thoughts that contradict what He promises. When those negatives ideas come, we are instructed to cast those cares upon the Lord.

Where Anxiety Comes From

Much of the anxiety we experience in life is caused by worry about things in the future. Jesus wants to help us understand that we don’t have to carry the loads we do. He came that we might have an abundant life. How often the gifts and blessings of the day are stolen away by the worries of another day.

Today the Father has flourished you with gifts and grace to live your life. Take those cares and leave them with Him and thrive in the goodness of God for you today. Let the word of God and His promises to you take root in your inner garden and not the cares we are so prone to let take root. It’s His desire and purpose that you have an abundant, fruitful life.

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