Flowers blooming in spring
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When All Seems Lost

When all seems lost, remember.

When the happy days of summer fade into the hands of a harsh cold winter and silence falls upon the meadow.

When weary souls search for life finding none they lay down to sleep away the days as a hibernating bear.

When it seems new life is out of reach, it’s time to remember that soon the spring breeze will awaken the soul.

It’s early spring. The morning light glistens on the frosty meadow. A small sprouting flower pushes through the soil and reaches into the heavens as if calling out to its maker.

Life returns after many cold and harsh winter days. The unthinkable becomes thinkable. The call of a song of a bird awakens, causing its song to be heard throughout creation.

Remember. Remember when your days seem dark that soon the winter snow will melt away and spring will come knocking at your door.

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