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Joy Made Full

Joy Made Full

It’s the Lord’s heart that we have fruit in our lives and that our Joy is made full. Listen in as I discuss the joy and fruit God wants in your life. Yes, YOU can have these things in your life. It’s not reserved for a select few. God will […]

Garden with a bridge
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The Inner Garden

Like a physical garden, we all have an inner garden. How would you describe your inner garden? Would you say it’s well-tended and one that’s filled with love, joy and peace? Or is your garden overrun with anxiety, confusion, anger, worry and frustration?


Tomorrow’s Worry Is Today’s Energy Killer

The cares and worries of tomorrow will deplete our energy today if you let them. Just recently, I felt worn out thinking about something I had to do in a few days. I was already feeling tired from the day at hand and then just thinking about that future was making me feel even more tired. I noticed what I was doing and realized I don’t need energy for that activity until that day.