Philadelphia, PA

A City Restored

As believers, the hope we have is not grounded in what is happening now but is anchored in him. You may be facing difficulties beyond what you care to, but in it, you have hope. It would be easy to surrender to the cold dark chamber of fear and live under a cloud of defeat. Yet in the dark moment, though you don’t feel him, he is right there with you. Oh, that God would strengthen your weary hands.

God will give courage and strength to you, weary traveler. One day the Lord will turn your sorrow into rejoicing. May you cast off the shackles, heal our blind eyes, and may we rejoice in the God of our salvation.

Those that were in darkness have seen a great light.

He makes our hands strong for battle,
He restores our soul.
Our fortunes that have been eaten up,
He restores.
He restores that which is lost, and the moth has eaten.

It is God who fights for me.
He bore the brunt of the assault against me.
He carries my sorrows.

He takes my sin and those sins against me.
He takes my failures and broken places and heals them.
You, Lord, walk-in my broken city,
You see the broken walls, and it’s there you took me by the hand.

What was meant for evil, God has made it good.
God restores my soul.

I’m sorry I could not keep watch with you,
Yet now I know you never left my side.
You came when I was lost,
You wept when my heart broke.
When the weight was more than I could bear,
You carried me.

There I stood, looking at the broken walls of my city.
It all seemed too much for me,
But that’s when I saw you restoring my city.

I heard you speak, “I go to prepare a place for you.”
May you build as you see fit.

Our sins and lawless deeds He remembers no more.
The wounds we received are healed by the stripes that you received.

There is a whole new kingdom before us that’s not built by our hands. God takes the broken places in our lives and reclaims what was lost.

A whole new city,
Healing and restoration.
It starts small like a creek,
But soon it becomes a river, and the nations will find healing,
By the fruit trees that line the river bank.

Rejoice for the kingdom of God is at hand. We will start planting, sowing, and building works he prepared for us to walk in. These same works we will bring into the kingdom, the fruits of our labors, and together we shall rejoice.

Oh my soul, rejoice!

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