A hope settled in heaven
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A Hope Settled In Heaven

We want our issues to have a quick resolution, but that is not always the case. Such is the case of the writer of Psalm 119. In verses 81-88, you see the Psalmist is weary when he says, “my soul faints for your salvation” and “my eyes fail from searching your word.” He wonders and prays how long until God comforts him. Are you growing weary from searching for answers?

The writer asks God how long until He deals with his enemies. When we have problems with others, we pray and hope for a quick answer, but sometimes the days turn into years, and we are left with no answer. Through it all, he longed for and put his hope in the Lord, “but I hope in your word.”

This passage reminds me of something the disciples said. Many of those following Jesus went away because they found it difficult what Jesus was saying. Jesus asked if they would also go away, Peter responded, “Lord, to who shall we go? You alone have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68
Just as the disciples knew Jesus had the words of eternal life, the Psalmist put his trust and hope in God. He knew the lovingkindness of God, and he knew God’s word was “settled in heaven.” We all walk by faith and not by sight. Our hearts cry out, and we wait upon the Lord.

It is important to settle these things in our hearts.

The writer loved God and his law. He said of the word, “it is my meditation all the day.” He knew the importance of the word of God in his life. Do you know the importance of it in yours? Are you filling your mind with the word of God or the constant flow of information from the Internet? He said he benefited greatly from knowing the word, and he says, “your commandments, make me wiser than my enemies.” He also said the word was “sweeter than honey.”

It’s time we shift focus and begin getting in the word and “seeking, asking and knocking.” The answer isn’t found on Google or your Facebook feed. The Lord is at work, and I hope you put your hope in the promises of God. He has beautiful things for you. Today may your hope be settled in heaven.

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