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Driven By Circumstances and The Peace of God


Hello, and welcome to creation speaks this is Shawn here. I’m happy that you joined me today. I’ve got my Journal open, and these are some things I’ve been pondering and working through. I guess it’s something that many of you are working through.

You know, on any given day, you can have good things happen and bad. Things that make you excited and happy, and then at the same time, something could come into your day and really throw you for a loop. The anxiety sets in, and you know, it’s challenging to deal with. It’s so easy to look at the negative and dwell on those things. You know the kind of things that keep you up at night, which makes your heart race and makes you feel anxious.

Dwelling On Issues Will Not Fix The Problem

Dwelling on those things will not fix the problem. How do you have peace while experiencing both the good and challenging things that come into our life? I mean yeah, we all want peace, right? So how do you? How do you? How do you do that? Well, there are a couple verses that I was thinking about this morning. The first one, the first thought really that has come into my mind, is to learn to receive. 

How To Receive Good Gifts

Yesterday I had some good things happen. But then the thought, “maybe I don’t deserve this or this isn’t the will of God for me.” Then a negative experience came into my life, and all I could dwell on was that. That fueled the thought, “maybe I’m not supposed to be going this direction.” Our emotions and circumstances can so drive our lives so much. 

Years ago, someone said they were going to pray that I would learn to receive. There’s an interesting verse that I read this morning that reminded me of that. Paul talking to Timothy and says, “everything created by God is Good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude.” Paul is talking about food, but I think we can apply it to other areas. Basically, he is saying everything is created by God is good and that we can receive it with gratitude. We can apply that to our own lives when good things come and receive it with gratitude. 

But what about the negative things that come into your life? How do you handle that? Those things are causing anxiety in your life? 

The scripture says to cast your cares upon the Lord, for he cares for you. It also tells us, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of.” 

Interestingly, both receiving is done by the word of God in prayer, and the things that make you anxious is by prayer. Casting your cares upon Him and recognizing that God cares for you. I think the biggest thing here is our trust in the Lord? In every circumstance, in every situation. Allow that to govern our lives. We can be driven by our emotions and tossed like a boat on an ocean. An ocean can be calm, and it can also be rough all in the same day. The sea can be tranquil, and then the winds pick up, causing the boat to wash around. This is why we need to bring all things to God and recognize that God cares for us, he loves us. Our hope is to be anchored in Christ. Let that be our source. Receive the things are good with thanks given and pray about those things that are causing anxiety. In the meantime, be anchored in the hope that is in Christ Jesus. 

These are things that you and I are working on daily. I don’t think we will master it, but I think that the more we walk with God, the more we see that he does help us. He helped us before, and we know that He will come through this time. He’s going to help me here. 

Be Anchored In Hope

Be anchored today in the hope that is in Christ Jesus. Be anchored in the hope and realization you have a Father in Heaven who really does care about you. Psalm 139 says he knows when you lie down and when you rise up and he’s intimately acquainted with all your ways. Remember these things today and rest in the Father who does love you, be anchored in him. 

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