Take a risk

Take A Risk and Put Yourself Out There

Do you have an inner world of art, ideas, and dreams, but until now it’s only remained in your inner world? 

Each of us has something unique we can give to the world around, but it’s going to require us to take a risk. If you desire to have growth in your life must take a chance and allow those ideas to see the light of day. 

What keeps us from taking a risk?

  • We don’t think we are ready.
  • We don’t think we are good enough yet. The truth is, you may never think it’s good enough.
  • We are afraid of the judgment of others. There is a proverb that says the fear of man brings a snare. Be ok with knowing that not everyone will like it. It’s those who do that matters. 
  • We overthink and end up doing nothing at all. 
  • We are afraid of failure.

Reasons to move forward

  • As the verse says if you water, you will be watered yourself. There is a reward for you as you begin to share what God has put in your heart.
  • You will discover that fear no longer has dominion over us.
  • You will see growth in our lives, and new doors will open for you. 
  • There is a world awaiting what we have to offer.

Photo by Liam Simpson on Unsplash

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