Tomorrow’s Worry Is Today’s Energy Killer

Are you worn out thinking about something in the future?

The cares and worries of tomorrow will deplete our energy today if you let them. Just recently, I felt worn out thinking about something I had to do in a few days. I was already feeling tired from the day at hand and then just thinking about that future was making me feel even more tired. I noticed what I was doing and realized I don’t need energy for that activity until that day.

Dealing with anxiety about some future event is something we all deal with, but how do we regain our energy now and not let the future wear us down? The scriptures instruct us how to overcome the worry of tomorrow.

In this podcast will discuss how we can overcome by reflecting on the following:

  • Remember God’s provision for each day. He will provide for that future event when that time comes.
  • Bring your needs to Him in prayer. Don’t be anxious for anything but bring those needs to God in prayer.
  • Trust the Lord with all your heart. As you look at the scriptures, you see how God was faithful to provide over and over again. God does the same today. Rest in His love for you and know that He will meet your needs.

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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