Hope springs forth

Hope Springs Forth

The cool morning air,
People go to and fro.
A vibrancy stirs the awakening day.
A breeze rustles the leaves in a nearby tree. 
Cafes clamor, delighting passersby.
Sidewalks and parks,
Houses and cafes.
Something wonderful.

On the one hand, there is beauty; on the other, 
brokenness and despair. 

I walk a little further,
A landscaped park. 
Trash littered the view.
Fragmented community. 

Rising long the wayside, a flower blooms.
The beauty of hope. 
It’s seen in the warm glow of lights on a house.
I see it in a child holding their parent’s hand. 

Something more, something growing.
Even in the brokenness, hope blossoms.

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