Boy looking at at the snow
The Essence of The Day

Memories and Wonder

The snow fell all around as the boy stood in the street bundled from head to toe as snowflakes appeared and disappeared on his warm glove. The cold air pressed against his face. He felt the plastic liner embrace his feet at the best attempts to keep his feet dry. To him, everything was beautiful as the world around was white with snow. A stillness and a quietness rested on the land that only comes with snow.

The moment was one of wonder while the day was young. The adventures were only beginning, and the warm glow of fire would await his return home. But there at that moment, standing in the street, another feeling was present. The understanding the snow wouldn’t last. The thought brought a bit of sadness to him, knowing the snow would let up and the snow-covered world around would soon melt away.

That boy was me, and that memory is magical to me. Isn’t it funny how the past can take on a wonder that lives on like stars shining in a nighttime sky?

It’s interesting to me how certain moments in the past take on an almost magical experience. Even today, the moments we have will one day become those precious memories.

I’m reminded of Jesus telling us that we must become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. That childlike wonder like that day in the snow, I was free to play, create and simply enjoy the day. There was no worry of where I would get food or where the money would come from for tomorrow. As kids, we didn’t give thought to those things as we knew our parents were there. Now grown, it’s important to remember we have Father that will do the same for us.

Photo by Nazym Jumadilova on Unsplash

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