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Thoughts From The Journal

New Ideas, Letters To You, and God’s Will

If you know me, you may have heard I write in my journal daily. I love making coffee, reading scripture, and writing down my thoughts. Many of those thoughts have made their way onto my website. Yet I have gotten discouraged and would love to write and publish in simplicity, to get thoughts out quickly and not over-edited. I’d like it to be more like a letter I’d write to a friend. Sometimes, I get bogged down in editing and lose the original intent of what I originally wanted to share. That said, I want to try something new. This new season on Creation Speaks, I’d like to share what I’m thinking, hoping that something may encourage you or make you thirsty for Jesus. It won’t be over-edited, and I apologize in advance to all those grammar gurus out there. Think of this like a letter or a journal entry. I have the title Thoughts From The Journal in my podcast and want to apply it on this platform. I may also call it Thoughts From the Journal and Letters to You.

So, this morning, I want to leave you with two thoughts to meditate upon.

I get restless in my thoughts. I have my to-do list of ideas and plans and think, do I do this or that? I don’t want to just busy myself and miss God’s will, but there I go back and forth about whether it’s this or that. That disrupts me from being content.

Perhaps God’s will is much different than I suppose. It’s not something we have to figure out like a puzzle, but it’s something we live out daily. One day, Jesus pointed out (Matthew 6:26-34) the birds flying overhead. He told them to observe them and notice they don’t gather stuff and they don’t plant crops, but they are still taken care of by our Father in heaven. He will do the same for you.

The other thought I had was: are we expectantly waiting for Jesus?
Are we expecting Him, or is our life so busy that we hardly have time to look and wait? We have so many misplaced longings and desires. We occupy ourselves with many things, believing those are the answers for which we long. The scripture says, “today if you hear His voice,” and it proclaims that today is the day of salvation. It claims if we ask, He will provide our daily bread, and it also states He will bring about that final day when He brings us to glory.

So, I invite you to pray to your Father in heaven. Look for His provision, know that his will is doing what you do with thanksgiving and gratitude, and keep waiting for His final return when He will make all things new.

Keep pressing on.

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