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Reflections From The Journal: Sit A Little Longer

The following are a few reflections from the week. Have you subscribed to my newsletter? Subscribe here for reflections about the scriptures and all the Lord brings my way.

Over the years, I have established a morning routine I look forward to. I grab coffee, read the scriptures, and write reflections in my journal. I usually spend around an hour each morning during the week doing this. Today, though, I wanted to sit a little longer. It’s Saturday, but I feel the day’s demands after about an hour. I begin to think of what needs to be done or what I want to accomplish. I start to feel restless about how best to use my time, but I also want to sit a little longer.

I feel tension. Things need to be done. Ideas and to-dos are demanding my attention, and time keeps pressing forward. But today, I fought back demands that came in like waves and decided to sit a little longer. All the demands can wait. It’s good to rest, look back at the week, see your work, and say, “It was good.”

Reading the creation account, you will see it took God six days to finish the work. I suppose God could have created in one day, but He did it over six days, and at the end of each day, He knew the work He had done was good.

As I sit here, I reflect on my week, and the work I accomplished was good. I thought about the completion of a kiosk project I’ve been working on, some changes to the Visit Pensacola app I completed, and added content to Outdoor Gulf Coast and other projects. Looking back and reflecting, it is good.

This morning, I have a little more peace, having fought off the wave of to-do’s that came knocking.

Want and Getting What You Desire

After rest, there comes work. We read that God rested on the seventh day, but the story doesn’t stop there. God and man rest, but then we also work, and that brings me to the word “want.”

I’ve been thinking about the word “want” lately. We can want many things. We can desire to get in shape, start a business, fix up the house, get a better job, or learn something new. But want alone does nothing for us. We can think about our wants all day, but ultimately, we are left with nothing more than a want. The proverb rightly says, “The soul of a lazy man desires, and has nothing; But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich.” 

In the book Make Possibilities Happen, Grace Hawthorne writes, “Replace wanting with working.” If you want something, it’s time to call in the replacement- work. It’s time to start working.

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