The Essence of The Day Thoughts From The Journal

The Meaning of Trees

I’m learning it’s not so much about what we can accomplish and more about receiving from Him. Jesus teaches us to pray, “give us this day our daily bread.” He did not tell us to pray for enough for today and tomorrow. Regarding tomorrow, Jesus tells us not to worry.

One evening I went for a walk. As I walked, I was thinking about the trees around me. These beautiful, magnificent healthy trees stood tall and strong. At that moment, the thing that stood out to me was thinking how you really can’t observe them growing. Only with the accumulation of days can you see evidence of the growth that’s been happening all along.

Life is like that. Some days seem slow and uneventful. We wonder what our purpose is and if there is more to the day than there is. But ordinary days is where growth happens, little by little and day by day.

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