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The Ordinary

Do you feel ordinary? I do. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how God takes ordinary people and does something more than ordinary in their lives. He takes the weary, and those weighed down by life and gives them rest. Jesus invites us to become like a child. I like that.

I like how Jesus took water, something ordinary, and then made it extraordinary. He turned it into wine, and that’s not all; he saved the best wine for last. If you feel pretty ordinary, that’s ok. God hangs out with regular people just like you and me.

Jesus called ordinary people to follow Him. He called fishermen, tax collectors, and others with no great prominence in the places they lived—ordinary people.

Maybe you’ve been one step behind everyone else. Perhaps you are a late bloomer. Or maybe you feel like there’s no bloom to come. You go to work, take care of kids, pay bills, and do your chores, just like most ordinary people.

I see you’re still reading. Maybe because you feel ordinary, just like I do. Well, I’ve got some pretty cool news- Jesus takes the ordinary and makes them extraordinary. You and I are His workmanship. Remember all those ordinary people? Jesus didn’t leave them ordinary for very long.

You might feel ordinary, but let me assure you, a lot is happening behind the scenes. God has some great things for you. We are told that no eye has seen or ear even heard everything God has planned for us.

God has some pretty cool stuff for you while passing through. But if that’s not enough, wait for what’s to come. One day the morning of our salvation will come. We’ll put off the covering of darkness and be clothed with light. We’ll step into that place Jesus has been preparing for you all this time. That will be a glorious day.

Until then, He has beautiful things for you and me. He takes ordinary people and makes them extraordinary. Yes, extraordinary comes from the same word as ordinary but it’s the word ordinary clothed with His Grace. He’ll do that for you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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