Thoughts from the Journal
Thoughts From The Journal

Thoughts From The Journal: Our Work

“But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift.” Ephesians 4:7

This morning I read through Ephesians 4. Take a few minutes to read through the scripture and write down what stands out to you. For me, a few themes stood out to me as I read. Those themes were:

  • Each believer has received grace.
  • He has given spiritual gifts.
  • We are called to put on the new man.
  • Our faith should impact our conduct toward others.
  • Our work and conduct is spiritual work.

God has given each of us spiritual gifts. Those gifts differ from one another, but the intent is to bring growth to the body of Christ. Don’t be afraid to share what God has put in you.

It’s His grace that enables and empowers us in our daily life. Are we being kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another? How we live and treat others evidence of the reality of Christ. Jesus said the world would know we are His because of our love for one another. Love suffers long.

As humans, each of us is skilled for work. As believers, our work is redeemed. We can use our hands to do what is right, and our work’s fruit is used to help others.

What is your work? I think it’s good to reflect on what you have and see how you can do what you do with more excellence. Here’s my list of skills and work opportunities.

  • Web design and development has been my trade for many years. My skills are used at, and this website.
  • Over the years I have really enjoyed writing. I started writing devotions early in my web design days with a website I had called Devotion Journal.
  • Teaching has been something I’ve always enjoyed. I enjoy teaching scripture, digital marketing and windsurfing lessons.
  • I’ve enjoyed slowly building and defining what Outdoor Gulf Coast is. I’ve also enjoyed slowly building this website, Creation Speaks.

What about you? How has God equipped you and what are you doing with what God has put in your hands?

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